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The Importance of Traceability

Uruguay is the only country in the world with a completely computerized traceability system - meaning consumers at home and abroad know exactly where their beef comes from and how it was raised! All cattle in this country are now electronically tagged at birth in the first completely traceable meat processing system. The system has cost Uruguay $3m to implement but it has helped to reinforce the country's reputation as the world's premier supplier and producer of quality beef.

In Uruguay, beef is a very important contributor to their GDP. The country has sought to increase their natural climate-based advantages with strict legislation.

Traceability is mandatory; cattle are RFID tagged at birth and tracked throughout their life, even through changes in ownership. The government strictly enforces this legislation.

Accountability and transparency do not stop at the farm gate. As cattle arrive at the processing plant, their identities and where they come from stay with them throughout.

Batch traceability is required by law and, in some cases; computer-controlled tagging means that individual cuts of meat can be traced back to a single animal and the farm it came from. Food security is a global issue and Uruguay is setting the example!

Key features

Cattle are equipped with an ear tag


Each cattle is equipped with an electronic ear chip to trace every cut of beef.

The program is state-funded


Program is free, paid for entirely by the state.

The program is secure


Secure system (Every producer takes part).

More accountability


More accountability and transparency.

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