100% Grass-fed Patagonic natural beef

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Why Patagonic beef?

At Patagonic Natural Beef, our mission is to raise all natural, USDA certified, 100% grass-fed beef. We are passionate about quality, healthy eating and environmental care. The undisputed quality of our beef is rooted in our cattle breeding system. Animals grow and feed in the open air in a 100% natural environment, without any additives or hormones. We know that our clients are our most precious assets and this is why we work to offer the highest quality grass-fed beef in the business.

Patagonic Natural Beef | Free grazing

Free grazing

Patagonic Natural Beef | No grain-fed

100% grass-fed

Patagonic Natural Beef | USDA certified

USDA certified

Patagonic Natural Beef | Traceable

source verified & fully traceable

Patagonic Natural Beef | No hormones or antibiotics

No hormones or antibiotics

Our Products

Our fresh beef is source verified and carefully packed to ensure the safest, most tasteful product for our customers.

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Did you know?

Grass-fed beef can reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer.